An artist that meets all my requirements

My art criteria

I can’t boast of a collection of world famous romantic paintings. But on the other hand, I’m not going to let you criticize my choice. When I purchase a work of art, I pay attention to the following three things:

  1. Whether it provokes curiosity. I hate banal landscapes with trees and houses. To my opinion, an artist must add their personal touch to every canvas. I won’t pass a catchy work even if it depicts something ugly.
  2. I’m not such a big expert in art, but I can distinguish a daub from a worthy piece. I rely on my taste.
  3. The epoch. Classical paintings bore me to death. Once it was popular among the elite to hang their own portraits at home. Today we look at those unknown dead people thinking who they actually were. Even if I knew they made a great contribution to the economy of the USA, I wouldn’t like to see their faces every day.

A rainbow-colored autumn

Famous romantic paintings aside, here is my example of an enigmatic canvas. In addition, it’s modern and 100% hand painted. This miracle was created by Leonid Afremov. You can see his signature at the lower right corner of the picture. Now I’m eager to tell you what captivates me in this ‘rainy story’.

As we know, white is the symbol of purity, faith and innocence. Afremov dilutes his motley palette with a bit of that color. White stands out against other shades: it appears in the sky, in the puddles, on the woman’s clothes and her umbrella. The light of the streetlamps is white too. As a result, Leonid destroys the stereotype about autumn as a gloomy season. I’d say his autumn always wears festive attire. It seems that somebody has shot a pile of crackers above the couple’s heads and confetti is falling from the sky. This is what I associate this canvas with, but I’d be glad to hear yours.

If I were the lady in a white coat, walking arm in arm with my admirer, I wouldn’t hurry home!:) I’d love to observe a beautiful rainy scene and chat about small things which make our life happier. I highly recommend decorating your home with oil canvases by Leonid Afremov, because they can become a wonderful topic for a cultural discussion or even a present! Soon I’m going to enrich my collection of paintings with another masterpiece by Leonid. It’s good to give yourself a treat once in a while!





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